About ADEA


adea-group-BB-squareADEA GROUP LTD is a holding company headquartered in Kenya and comprising of online businesses, all with a goal of solving a problem in the society, across Africa. In ADEA, we strongly believe and have passion for PeopleTechnology and Business. We strive to use technology to make Africa and the entire world a better place. Thats why most of our projects are geared towards use of technology and especially internet and web.

ADEA owns and manages businesses and projects operating in diverse sectors like Education, Health, Tourism and culture, Consulting, Agriculture etc.

Our SLOGAN is: Online and Beyond

Our VISION is an Actualized and Developed Africa.

Our MISSION is to use technology and business to Actualize and Develop Africa.

ADEA’s, values and philosophy are based on Respect, Integrity, Honesty and Innovation. We believe that if we are respectful to humanity, have integrity with what we do, are honest in our business undertaking and have constant innovation, we will surely progress to Actualize real development in Africa.

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