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Thank you for considering to be our affiliate. We will guide you through the affiliate business and ensure that you will make money online. If you have not yet enrolled into this program, your can REGISTER right now. Once you register, you will get the affiliate link and portal access. The affiliate link helps you to reach people that you want to market to while the portal access gives access to your affiliate account; where you can view referrals and payments information. You can also manage your account.

Being an affiliate means that you are capable of earning every time you refer people into our website. Every time your friends and associates buy any of our product, you earn commissions. You do not need to leave your job or business to do this, you just need to use your free time and tell your friends about us. Just that. Find below the several ways that you could market our products.

Referral Links

Use of referral links is one of the most effective ways of doing business online. It rides on the power of recommendations. When you send a link to a friend, this acts a kind gesture and a way of sharing valuable information online. You can share the link that we sent you in your email message, social media networks, mobile group networks or short mobile messages. The most successful affiliate marketers do tweets and share in facebook.

Remember to copy the full affiliate link including the last number. That number is your affiliate number. If you cannot remember your link, refer to the email that we sent you or login into affiliate portal at MY.ADEA

Affiliate Dashboard

The affiliate dashboard has tools that makes it easier for you to market online and leverage on your affiliate business. You can access your affiliate dashboard at MY.ADEA
Tell a Friend: This tool helps you to easily communicate our business to your friends. You input just the name and the email address of the person that you need to send the link to and upon clicking send, the system sends a professional email inviting your friend into our website. if they click the link and buy, you earn commissions.

Affiliate Website

Coming soon

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