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Unleashing Simple Email Marketing

adea : Aug 6, 2016 5:39 pm : Blog
INTRODUCTION E-mail marketing or Electronic Mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mails as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every e-mail sent to a potential or current customer could be considered e-mail marketing. However, the term is usually used to refer more »

What is Web Marketing

adea : Aug 6, 2016 5:38 pm : Blog
Introduction to Web Marketing The Basis of Web Marketing is a website. It’s a must for it to run on a website. Whether yours or not. Before choosing the right web marketing strategy, I advice that you must have a website. This acts as a source of information about your products and services and also more »

What is Website Design

adea : Aug 6, 2016 5:34 pm : Blog
Introduction – What is Web Designing Web designing is the second phase of web development. Its in this phase that you get information and mould it into systematic and logical content presented in the web in smart designs. Web designing is a process. It starts with web design planning, information collection to content arrangement and  more »

Starting business with no capital

adea : Aug 6, 2016 5:31 pm : Blog
Big idea! Big dream! But all in vain; i am waiting to get the capital! That’s the story with all the entrepreneurs to be. And this song runs across the world. Most of the businesses started with minimal budgets. Likes of Dell in a garage, microsoft and facebook from the dorms and Cocacola from the backyard. You can more »

Identify Your Competition

adea : Aug 6, 2016 5:30 pm : Blog
A competitive market requires very little marketing effort to make money. Also the market has a lot of customers. Since the essence of getting your business online is to reduce on the overheads, large number of customers and less marketing costs is a big advantage to the online entrepreneur. Today, we will discuss on how more »

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