Demystifing B.INSYS

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Demystifing B.INSYS

Introducing B.INSYS

adea_B_INSYSB.INSYS or rather Business INformation SYStem is a cloud-based information management software that assist entrepreneurs and managers to manage information related to their clients, suppliers and staff and make that information accessible anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

  • Anywhere? Yes! You only need a browser and internet and you are good to go. Whether in the office, at home, traveling, airport, internet shops or cyber cafes, you have the system tagging along.
  • Anytime? I cant tell you how many times i have delivered an invoice or quotation in the middle of a meeting or at night. Its just a few clicks and a couple of minutes and you have created business.
  • Anyhow? The system is accessible on desktop, tablets and mobile. We have developed it responsively and is highly adaptable to different screen sizes. You need not to worry, pick the phone and  send that statement.

The Beginning

B.INSYS was born out of necessity. We (ADEA) realized we were struggling much with managing and servicing our clients. We were spending more time managing information than focucing on our core business and marketing. So we decided to develop a software that would make it easier for us.

After we started using it, it not only managed to increase our efficiency but also reduced our management overheads. What was managed by three staff was now easily managed by one. It was awesome! That’s the time we decided to refine it and present it to our customers.

We would like the system to do wonders to our customers, just like it did to us.

The Operations

Inside B.INSYS is user friendly. Navigating the system is a bliss. B.INSYS was developed by entreprenuers. People who could associate with the hassles that comes along with business. I would like to explain in details each module of the system.

The Dashboard

This is the first page that you land on when you sign in. This page gives you access to the general functionality and access like settings module, clients module, staff module, supplier module, expense module, reports and data management. This page has a summary of the system/cutomer information, the actions pending approval, the system usage statistics and the access to all the other modules. The search form can take you to any profile on the system.

The Client Module

This module manages the client’s information like the bio data, any clients document (eg registration certificate), the sales orders, quotations sent, invoices and receipts raised, the statement, additional client information, memos and emails sent to the client. Information generated and stored through this module can be used by any staff to make quick decisions. When staff understand the client, they handle them better. The more the information is available, the deeper the understanding.

The Staff Module

When you access the staff profile, you will find staff information like staff bio data, staff documents (eg id card), pay slips, leave records, more information in form of notes, staff appraisals, memos and emails sent to the staff. This module provides organized information about each of the staff in the business.

The Supplier Module

This module is useful when you want to organize information about your supplier. You can find supplier bio data, documents, purchase orders and promissory notes generated, payments records, notes on supplier, memos and emails sent.

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