Developing the Business Profile

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Developing the Business Profile

A business profile is a detailed document that details your business.  It is important to have a business profile especially when you are in a B2B (Business to Business) market.

When developing your business profile, you need to include the following:

  • About your business – The history, vision, mission, core values, goals and objectives.
  • Business products or services – Give the name, the details, the photo, the dimensions and weight and the price if possible.
  • Business Team – Give the name, profile and designation of each top management staff in your organization. This creates the atmosphere that you are dealing with professionals.
  • Portfolio/testimonial – Portfolio is a list of all the customers that you have served. Portfolios are good for business to business markets. Testimonials are what your customers are saying about your business.
  • Contacts – please give your contacts just like they way they are on your business card. Ensure you include the physical address, postal address, telephone numbers, email address and web address.

For a business profile, just make a profile that is not more than five pages long. Big profiles are boring. Save this for a business plan.

Please download and customize the Business Profile Template if you would like to develop a business profile for your business.

If you are interested in having someone develop a business profile for you, you can hire a Business Planning Consultant

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