Introducing Online Business

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Introducing Online Business

My quest to make it online, that started about 10 years ago, was driven by the fact that the little I was earning from my day job was not sufficient. I found that I had a lot of time that I could utilize. Having internet in the office those days was a big advantage and I was determined to ensure that I would made some extra bucks.

I started with getting paid for surveys and simple forms data entry. These strategies pay peanuts! After much great effort, I made 10 dollars. It was thrilling but tiring. I could not continue since it was taking much of my time. I quitted! But not without my 10 dollars. The only withdrawal option was through paypal. It took be several days for my 10 dollars to get to paypal. And when it did, it was 9.7 dollars. Ghheesh! Fine, I had the money, but how will I get my dollars to my bank account? Impossible! Paypal did not withdrawal to any Kenyan financial institution at that time. So I was stuck! That money stayed in my paypal account for months until when I bought my first domain name.

I bought the domain name for a three years offer and pointed it to my blogspot blog. After all I did not have a credit card to buy the hosting. After several years, I decided to get online and see if I could raise some money for web hosting. This time, I decided to try affiliate marketing. This yielded much faster. Within several months, I was able to make 70 dollars. I withdrew to paypal again and bought the hosting. I found a simple webpage template online and through the given tutorials, I was able to come up with a simple one page website. Wooh! That begun my online business.

There are various ways of making money online. I have tried most of these. Some need a lot of time and pays so low, others require a lot of startup capital and others are just scams. Personally, the best online business is the one that you are promoting a product or service. Whether it is yours or you are selling as an affiliate marketer, this business will give you income that is honest and long term. This is among the few businesses that you can scale up to fortune 500 level. After all, most entrepreneurs want business models that can make them money for a 100 years.
The model that we are going to discuss in this program is a Product/Service model where you have a product or a service that you want to market online. Visit Setting Your Online Business for more information.

ADEA means Actualizing Ideas. We develop your ideas into complete online businesses and projects. We offer Website Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, SSL Certificates, and Online Marketing services.

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