Reasons to automate your business process

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Reasons to automate your business process

If you are still using paper forms, offline documents and email requests, its the high time you start automating your business processes. Automation will make work easier, save you lots of stress and costs.

Why should you automate?

1. To consolidate communication

Emails, note books and sticky notes are impossible to organize and store. More so, they are a headache when you need to refer. Information systems assist you to consolidate all the communication done to a client and make it easily accessible is just a few clicks.

2. To enforce accountability and transparency

Accounting is inevitable in a business. Information systems makes your accounting easier. The system organizes information and outputs it into accounting reports that help in decision making. The system introduces controls that are hard to bypass hence you are guaranteed of better use of resources

3. To minimize costs

System does work for numerous employees. When you introduce an information system, the system takes care of those who you have employed to manage your information. It also makes work easier for other departments since data has become more accessible. If your staff used to take 30 minutes to handle one client, with the system, they will take 5 minutes. This translates to 600% reduction in the labour force.

4. To increase efficiency

It matters a lot if you could handle a lot more for less time. Manual systems drags and delays. They take more time to output. The bulk of this time is taken in data management; creation and retrieval. An effective information management system will cut the time taken to handle your processes and output. The lesser it takes to process the better it is for the business. Remember that time is money.

5. To effectively service and support your customers

Customers are busy. They require very efficient systems to serve them. Whether its inquiry, sales, delivery or after sales servicing, the customer need to be attended to with ultmost speed. Information systems does exactly that. With automation, most of the work is actually left to the system. Things like billing, reminders, order handling and many more are done silently in the background.

Ever since we decided to automate, we have never regretted the decision. Now we are able to achieve more for far much less time and resource. We have seen our margin increase and our profits skyrockets. Whats more is that our clients and suppliers are more happy. They just say “You are quite efficient!”

I will only say two words “Just Automate!”

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