We are budding online social entrepreneurs! We are looking for passionate people who we can develop into online entrepreneurs and together we help change the world. We have realized that to change the world, one needs to change oneself. We have embarked on the journey of building individuals, making them financially sustainable, and inspiring them to make great impacts on society. Our goal is to build individual’s annual income into five and six-dollar figures and motivate them to eventually change the world. Our approach integrates both the economic and social bottom lines.


First, we will assist you to develop an online business that will help you to generate income effortlessly. Our business model is highly automated and most of the functions like selling, fulfillment, and operations are fully automated and outsourced. We will also take you through vigorous training that involves coaching and mentorship. This arm will generate income for you and also introduce you to investments, where you can be able to generate even more passive income.


After you are financially stable, you will be introduced into the social development arm. Here, you will use your investment gains to find and solve solutions affecting the world. You will be a change agent. This is what we refer to as self-actualization. We seek to solve solutions that are dear to us and/or are related to our business areas. This ensures easier integration of this arm with the economic arm. Our social entrepreneurship experts will take you through this phase.

This program is like a fellowship. We hand-pick people who are very passionate and have the potential to commit to the program from the start to the end. As long as you are over 18 years of age, you are potentially eligible. Just enroll below and we will get back to you with further information. If you are interested, apply now or contact us.

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