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Email Marketing & List Building

adea_email_marketingEmail marketing is one of the oldest online marketing technique and it is still highly effective and relevant today. The biggest advantage of email marketing is on its personalization effect. It has the highest conversion rate if done the right way.

The way we conduct our Email Marketing is as follows:

  • Email List Setup – We will set up and configure an email list system. We will also train you on how you could run email campaigns.
  • Email Campaign Management – This is a monthly contract to manage your email marketing campaigns. The contract depends on the list size and the number of campaigns.

EMAIL MARKETING (EM) packages are EM1 (Email List Setup) | EM2 (Email Campaign Management – Weekly) | EM3 (Email Campaign Management – Daily) | EM4 (Email Message Copywriting) | Email Marketing Coaching (Get trained on Email Marketing)

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