Day 01: Business Planning and modeling

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Day 01: Business Planning and modeling

Most entrepreneurs are just organizers. They get ideas and they organize resources necessary to implement the idea into its profitable level. In return, they get profits.

In our case, we are currently more of enthusiasts than entrepreneurs. This course will teach you on how you can become an entrepreneur based on your passion. In this section, we will look on how you are going to model your business.

We have a unique model that you can use to turn your passion into profits with little effort and resources. At the end of the day, you will be running a business with minimal capital and overheads.

Before we even start the program, there is some planning that you will have to make to ensure that you are prepared to establish your business. Consider the following five elements:

  • Unleashing your passion – Your idea, your passion and your dream.
  • Selecting your niche market – Identify who to sell to.
  • Identify your products – and who to supply you with.
  • Identify your delivery logistics and payment modes.
  • Marketing your business.

Prior planning of the above five elements is important. Your business will be based on the above functions and comprehending them will enable you to internalize the idea and conduct it with high level of professionalism and automation.

Once you have gone through the above elements, you will have internalized your business model and now you will be ready to implement it.

Feel free to ask any question along the way. This course is meant to create an entrepreneur out of you.

The next session is how to Unleash your passion. This will dig deep into how to identify your passion. Remember that passion is almost everything. Its the core of your idea.

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