Day 07: Develop the Business Website / Shop

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Day 07: Develop the Business Website / Shop

This is the last day of the course. You have planned your online business, registered the domain and acquired hosting and now you will develop your website.

While developing the website, all the web master will need is the information that is contained in your profile. In a nut shell, the information needed is:

  • Business Information: This is values, goals, objectives, philosophy (vision and mission) and the business history. This will assist in developing the Homepage and the About Us Page in your website.
  • Product information: These are the product names, descriptions (including details, dimensions, weight and price) and product images. This information will assist in developing the catalogue page and the products pages
  • Market information: The market information needed is basically the clients that you have dealt with previously and also testimonials of your clients. This will assist in developing the portfolio page and also spicing up the homepage or product page.
  • Business Contacts: Include the physical address, postal addresses, telephone numbers, email address. You can actually send the business card.
  • Business Logo:  This is the logo that you just got designed. If you haven’t got a logo yet, you can request the web designer to design one for you alongside the web design.
  • Business Photos: We will need photos of any business activity. It could be you or your staff delivering the product or service, your customer consuming your product, your products on the shelf, your shop or office, your delivery car or motor bike, a group photo of your staff, or any photo that might depict your business. These photos assist in complementing the text on the web pages and also creating a website slideshow. If you have many photos, then they will be populated in a gallery page.
  • Videos: Sometime, you might be having products or business endorsement videos. These videos can be used on the product pages or to populate on the video gallery page or complement the other information in other pages.

In conclusion, if you have already developed the logo, business card and business profile, just send them to your web master and he will develop a great website for you. Some of points to note are:

  • Ensure the website is developed with a current programming language.
  • Ensure that the website is scalable. Emphasis on the use of a CMS.
  • The website is user friendly. Ensure that you can do minor content changes on your own.
  • The website should be cross browser and devices.
  • The website should be easy to navigate.
  • The website should be lite. This ensures that it will be opening fast.
  • And lastly the website should be simple and elegant. The simpler the website the higher the sales conversion rate.

If you are interested in developing a website, you can order at WEB DESIGN and you will get a professional web master to develop the website for you.

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