Day 06: Developing the business model and process

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Day 06: Developing the business model and process

This business model is composed of both offline and online operations. This hybrid model is based on the following:

  1. Online Business Process – The Marketing, Inventory, Order management and payment processes
  2. Offline Business Process – The product delivery process.

Online, you will develop content for the website. Your content will explain your business. It is the salesman’s speech. By definition, content is the text and media (images or videos) that you use in a webpage to bring a certain meaning to your audience.

Most websites fail at this level. Most designers bring out excellent web designs but poor content. It’s always advisable for the owner of the idea to come up with her own content. Just the way she would sell her business or products to her clients.

The various pages that we will develop content for are:

  • Homepage – Your business face.
  • About Us page
  • Product or Service Page
  • Contact Page
  • Delivery, Payment and Disclaimer pages

These are the main pages that will be comprised in the website. Our websites are unique. They are ecommerce based. Their aim is not only to profile the business but more on selling the products and services. Therefore, our main focus will be on the products and services pages.

Offline, we will plan on the logistics of product or service delivery and any offline payment mode to be made. Since most of this model processes are automated, the offline part of the business is less.

The hybrid model of business brings in high efficiency due to high automation and outsourcing. If you outsource your delivery, then, your business will achieve full automation.

The next session will focus on explaining the online business model.

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