Day 01: Unleashing Your Passion

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Day 01: Unleashing Your Passion

When we were introducing you into this course, we mentioned about passion. This session will give indepth analysis on how you could identify you passion.

The most successful businesses start with passion. If you have a passion for something, then you are ready to rock online. It’s only through passion that you can be able to successfully do something again and again unconditionally.

Whether a passion for a talent, skill, product, service, group of people or just a hobby, this passion is like a burning fire. It will keep on burning endlessly.

The best thing in life is to do what you love most, quite often, all the time. This creates a fulfilling life. If we could turn our passion to our day to day duties, then we become happier and better people. If this passion could make income for us, it becomes our livelihood.

Unleashing your passion is identifying what you love most and mapping out a way of living within it. Living within our passions enables our lives to be lived to their fullest. If only we do what we love as work and extend it to our free time, then we will have enjoyed our days to the fullest.

Most of the passions can be monetized. Yes, you can make money through your passion. Making your passion, your business can not only make you more money but also improve your life. Most innovators and entrepreneurs move to extreme heights through working with their passions.

How do you identify your passion?

  • If you find you are enjoying doing something again and again, without getting bored, then that could be your passion.
  • If you find that you are spending more time and resources on something in your life, then that is your passion. This particular thing could be an activity or a group. Most passion take alot of your time.
  • If you find that you tend to feel better when doing something at those times that you are low. That could be the passion. Passion transgresses even the lowest of moments.
  • Given that you have it all. All the money in the world. What is that thing that you can do to pass time? That thing is your passion.
  • At your lowest moment, probably at your death bed, what is that thing that you would say you would like to do before you die. That could be your passion.

Remember, passion is everything. It’s the foundation where you build your dreams around. It’s the anchor where you hang your ideas on and the only surety that you are going to definitely succeed. So if only you take time and evaluate your strengths, talents, skills, hobbies and interests, you will come up with something that you really love. And that thing is your passion. With the passion, then you have the ticket to take this course and turn that passion into profits.

The next session will expound on how you can select your niche market. Remember that your business has to be market driven. if there is no market, there is no business, regardless of how passionate you are.

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