Select a DEDICATED SERVER Solution below:
DS1: Dedicated Hosting - 2.3GHZ/4GB RAM/1TB Space - USD 120/Mon
DS2: Dedicated Hosting - 2.5GHZ/8GB RAM/1TB Space - USD 180/Mon
DS3: Dedicated Hosting - 3.2GHZ/16GB RAM/1TB Space - USD 200/Mon

A dedicated server is an exclusive web server that is ideal for large projects that need more control, performance and security. We offer SuperMicro Blade dedicated Server. Their features are:
- A Choice of a Linux or windows server
- Runs on powerful Dell or HP processors.
- Have Root access.
- They come with 2 extra Dedicated IPs.
- CentOS 6/7 with Optional WHM/CPANEL/WHMCS/ extra IPs.
- Possibility of additional infinite SAN cloud storage.
Select your prefered package above, depending on the power, space and budget.