Select a EMAIL MARKETING Solution:
EM1: Email List Setup - USD 50/One-Time
EM2: Email Campaign Management (Weekly Posting) - USD 50/mon
EM3: Email Campaign Management (Daily Posting) - USD 100/mon
EM4: Email Message Copywriting - USD 10/300words/One-Time
EMAIL COACHING: Email Marketing Coaching - USD 199/One-Time

Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing technique and it is still highly effective and relevant today. The biggest advantage of email marketing is on its personalization effect. It has among the highest conversion rate if done the right way.
Email List Setup is a one-time activity to setup, configure and train you on email list operations.
Email campaign management is a monthly contract to manage your email marketing campaigns and activities, depending on the list size and the number of campaigns you are running.
Copywriting is a one-time activity that involves creating converting email messages, ready to be sent to your email list.