Select a GET STARTED ONLINE Solution:
GSO 1 Domain, Hosting, SSL Certificate, DIY Website - $50/Per Year
GSO 2 Domain, Hosting, SSL, Custom Profile Website - $250/One-Off and $50/Per Year
GSO 3 Domain, Hosting, SSL, Custom E-Commerce Website - $500/One-Off and $100/Per Year

If you want to Get Started Online, we have various packages that you can take that will give you a head start in your online business. Our Get Started Online packages include:
Domain Name registration This is the Web address.
Web Hosting Used to host the website files and email messages.
SSL Certificate is enhanced web security through encryption technology. It is visible through enforcement of https://.
Website The Profile Website is used for profiling your business. The E-commerce website is used for showcasing your products and buyers and order from the website. A DIY website is a simple website you build through a website builder.
Any of the above packages will give a fully functional online business, that is ready for the next phase; online marketing.