Select a HOSTING Solution below:
WS1: Hosting - 1GB Space - Single Domain - USD 15/Year
WS2: Hosting - 2.5GB Space - Single Domain - USD 25/Year
WS3: Hosting - 5GB Space - Single Domain - USD 50/Year
WS4: Hosting - Unlimited Space - Single Domain - USD 75/Year
WS5: Hosting - Unlimited Space - Multi Domain - USD 95/Year
WS6: Windows Hosting - Unlimited Space - Single Domain - USD 75/Year
WS7: Windows Hosting - Unlimited Space - 5 Domains - USD 95/Year
We offer both Linux or Windows hosting to host either a single or multiple domains. Our web hosting come with unlimited Emails, Subdomains and MYSQL Databases and is Ideal for HTML, PHP, .NET, ASP, WordPress, Joomla and other CMSes hosting. The price above is annual and excludes the price of the domain name. Select your prefered package, depending on space, platform and number of domains to host.