Select a SOCIAL MEDIA Solution:
SMM1: Social Media Setup - USD 30/One-Time
SMM2: 1000 Page Likes / Follows - USD 30/mon
SMM3: Weekly Posting - 8 posts & 3000 reached - USD 50/mon
SMM4: Daily Posting - 24 posts & 5000 reached - USD 100/mon
SMM COACHING: Social Media marketing Coaching - USD 199/One-Time

Social media has become one of the major source of traffic for businesses, recently. Many businesses have grown out of the social media networks. Having your business on social media can proof to be profitable especially if you know how to go about it.
Social Media Setup involve creating an effective social media advertising platform depending on your business model and niche market.
Page Likes / Follows comprises of generating likes to your business facebook page.
Posting: We will post short articles r images related to your business, daily or weekly, and ensure that there is adequate engagement on your social media pages or profile.