Select a CONSULTING/COURSE/TRAINING solution below:
STARTUP COACHING: Starting Online Business Coaching - USD 199/One-Time
GROWTH COACHING: Growing Online Business Coaching - USD 299/One-Time
SMM COACHING: Social Media marketing Coaching - USD 199/One-Time
SEO COACHING: Search Engine Optimization coaching - USD 199/One-Time
EMAIL COACHING: Email Marketing Coaching - USD 199/One-Time
PPC COACHING: Pay-Per-Click Marketing Coaching - USD 199/One-Time
MOBILE COACHING: Mobile Marketing Coaching - USD 199/One-Time
We offer coaching and one-on-one training sessions on strategies and techniques that you can apply to run your business online. These sessions include training you on setting and maintaining up platforms & tools, strategy formulaton and implementation, and monitoring, evaluation and optimization. This is an easier way of learning and getting results simoultaneously. Select your preferred session above.