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ADEA Host is an online business hosting firm that is part of the larger ADEA GROUP. ADEA generally actualizes ideas into online projects that change the world. ADEA Host is the start-up and hosting division of ADEA and is mandated with providing online business start up tools.


ADEA Host provides online start-up tools to all those people who are interested in starting, operating, and growing online businesses. We focus on providing tools like Domain names, web hosting, VPS servers, Dedicated Servers, websites, apps, and SSL & other security solutions.

ADEA HOST Solutions

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ADEA HOST Approach

We take a unique approach to providing our tools. We know that the sole reason for getting online is to create value. That is why we provide tools and solutions that will not only help our clients to succeed online but also ensure that their businesses are operated on the right platforms. These solutions are “for online businesses by an online business”. We hook you into the same platforms that we run on, hence guaranteed uptime.

If you are interested in starting and operating an online business, then you need to get the right tools. Just Get Started or Book an appointment and we will be glad to chat with you and help you get the best tool or solution.

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