INSYS for Non-Profit – Information Management System for Non-Profit

Non-Profit Information System (N.INSYS)

N_INSYS2We offer a cloud-based Non-Profit Information System (N.INSYS) that will document all the members, donors and staff information and records for improved organization operational efficiency, easier information access and decision making.

The key features of N.INSYS are:

  • Management of MEMBERS information – Bio, Documents, Member cases, funding, notes, memos, emails, SMS
  • Management of STAFF information – Bio, Documents, Payslips, appraisals, notes, memos, emails, SMS
  • Management of DONOR information – Bio, Documents, Funding, notes, memos, emails, SMS

With N.INSYS, your organization operations get global. Your donors and members can access your organization anytime, anywhere, anyhow!

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