Mobile Marketing (MM)

Mobile / SMS Marketing (MM)

Mobilemarketing Mobile marketing is a highly effective mode of marketing where a business pushes mobile short text messages into prospective’s mobile phone number. This mode of marketing is used to engage on a personal level and has the highest conversion rate if done the right way.

The way we conduct our Mobile Marketing is as follows:

  • Mobile Account Setup – We will setup and configure a mobile marketing (Bulk SMS) system. We will also train you on how you could run mobile campaigns.
  • Mobile campaign management – This is a monthly contract to manage your mobile marketing campaigns. The contract depends on the number of campaigns.

MOBILE MARKETING (MM) Packages are MM1 (Mobile Account + Sender ID) | MM2: Mobile Campaign Management (Weekly Posting) | MM3: Mobile Campaign Management (Daily Posting) | Mobile Coaching (Mobile Marketing Coaching)

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