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Professional Development

ADEA has a strong focus on people & professional development. We understand that to achieve substantial growth in business and economies, people’s mindsets, skills, networks and their way of doing things need to be on another level. That is why at ADEA we have programs and projects that enhance proper development of professionals and their livelihoods.

Our approach is based on sectoral projects that provide key personal and professional development services to experts, project owners, farmers, consumers, employees, job seekers, and self-employed professionals. We ensure that our customers are able to develop their skills and also access opportunities to help them grow their small businesses.

ADEA Projects

SkillSoko App connects skilled experts with clients and project owners. Experts develop their Expert Profile for easier skill marketing. Project owners and clients can find any expert in any area and location in SkillSoko. The experts can also access various courses to sharpen their skills. Service is provided as a website and Android App. Visit

Kilimo Biashara App provides agronomical, production, and post-production farming information for various crops and animals. It also connects experts and mentors with farmers to provide the needed expertise. Kilimo App assists in developing agriculture as a business in Africa. The service is provided as a website and Android App. Visit

PesaPlan App is a personal financial planning tool that helps people to plan their financial life. The app provides a way of creating and managing your financial goals. Through the app, you can also enroll in financial literacy courses and access key financial resources and solutions. The service is provided as a website and Android App. Visit

ProQoo App is the simplest website builder developed for professionals, small businesses, and start-Ups and provides initial web presence. At ProQoo, you can register a Domain Name/Web Address and develop a Web Profile/WebSite in a few minutes, with no IT background. The service is provided as a Website and Android App. Visit

ADEA’s vision of Actualizing Development in Africa can never be complete without developing people on the continent. That’s why the People Development Initiative is key to materializing the vision set for the African Continent. As an individual, feel free to interact with any of our projects. We are sure that you can always find a solution in ADEA. Feel free to get in touch.

Professional Development Services are offered through ADEA AFRICA.

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