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ADEA SUDAN – Start Online Business in Sudan

ADEA SUDAN supports online business in Sudan by providing domains, web hosting, web design, servers, information systems, online marketing and business consulting. We strive to provide tools, solutions and strategies that enable businesses, organizations and institutions to succeed, online. Feel free to ask us any question, otherwise get started today!

Sudan is located in North East Africa bordering Egypt to the north, Ethiopia to the East, Chad to the west and Uganda and Kenya to the south. Its internet domain is .sd with extensions ADEA’s goal is to offer tools, solutions and strategies to small and medium enterprises in Sudan, to enable them solve their business challenges through technology and internet. Our solutions and services will ensure increased efficiency and reduced overheads.

ADEA CLUB: We are budding online social entrepreneurs! We are looking for passionate people who we can develop into online entrepreneurs and together we help change the world. If you are interested, you can apply today.

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