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ADEA Solutions is the research and development division of ADEA GROUP. ADEA generally actualizes ideas into online projects that make change in the world. ADEA Solutions is mandated with the sole goal of finding solutions to the world challenges. Most of the projects initiated in ADEA have been originated and developed from ADEA Solutions.


ADEA Solutions provides research and development services to ADEA GROUP and also to those who are willing to find solutions to key problems in their lives and in the entire world. We are a problem-solution focused entity and we believe that every problem has its solution. It’s our duty to find that solution and solve the problems.

ADEA Solutions Approach

We go out there in the world and seek for problems that are affecting the world. Once we identify them, we research on their cause and develop their remedy. We mostly focus on finding solid and long-lasting solutions to the problems. We believe that a problem is no longer a problem, once it’s identified by ADEA. We mostly focus on economic, social and environmental challenges within the community. We do not solve personal problems.

If you have identified a problem within your community, then we can help in finding a lasting solution to it. Book an appointment and we will be glad to chat with you. Or you can just email us and we will respond back.

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