Website Development & Design

Website Development & Design


We offer Website Design Services to small and medium businesses in Africa and across the world.

We have clients in US, UK, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria, and Australia

We design and develop Elegant and functional websites that offer you value and convert web visitors into clients. We will offer you either a profile-based website or e-commerce website (online shop) designs.

We specialize high custom websites. These are websites that have been developed from scratch and are highly customized for your business

Our websites are also Search Engine Optimized, optimized for fast speeds and secure.

We have an awesome support team that will ensure that your website is up and running and also well updated.

Website Design Plans

Website Design Process

Web design is split into four key steps. These steps determines how we will start, continue and finish developing your website. The time taken between these steps depends mostly on the type of website that you need designed.

Step 1: Structural Design and Development

This is the initial stage. We embark on developing the context of your website. We will do the following; Install and setup wordpress content management system, select the themes and plugins, tweak and configure themes, create the page and menu navigation and design content blocks.

We also do page headings, slide integrations, social media integrations, header and footer design, and sidebar blocks development.

We will ensure that the structure in Search Engine Friendly, fast to load and is appealing. The structure is basically the foundation upon which the website is laid.

This stage takes between 2-5 days.

Step 2: Graphic Media Designs

We design banners that will be used on the website. Mostly, banners will appear on the homepage.

As a client, you can opt to have your graphic designer to prepare the banners. In that case, you can contact us and we will provide the required dimensions. Kindly note that graphics design is not part of the web design contract, and the graphics that we will design are standard and not advanced. If you are interested in high-value advanced graphics and animations, you can contact your graphic designer or we can recommend one.

This stage takes between 1-3 days depending on the website type and the number of graphics to be done.

Step 3: Content Development

Content creation is the work of the website owner. There is no other person who can better explain the business than the owner. We provide a template that guides the owner on the kind of content to create for the website. Do not mind the grammar, once you send the content to us, our copywriter will go through it and edit it to suit it on the website. We usually edit it to factor in the keyword placement on the content which helps in search engine optimization. Once the content is ready, we publish it on the website.

This stage takes between 1-3 days depending on the source of the content. We usually urge the owners to provide the content within a  maximum of 3 days after commissioning the project.

Step 4: Revision and Testing

This is the last stage in website design and development. At this stage, the structural design and content development are done. We expose the website to a team of 10 users who test it and give us feedback on the areas of improvement. We call this the Experts Testing. Once we complete the website and it is tested by our testing team, we send it to the owner for review. This is called the Owner Review. The owner then sends the first batch of suggestions as the first review. We make the changes and request him to do the second review. He reviews and send the final suggestions. Once we affect the change, we close the project.

This stage takes between 1-3 days depending on the website type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ADEA?

ADEA Consult is a tech firm under ADEA Group that assist individuals and small businesses to design and develop their websites and online presence

How long will it take to get a new website?

A profile website takes 7 days to design while and e-commerce website takes 15 days. This is subject to the owner providing the logo and the content within 3 days after project commissioning, and using 2 days to review the website.

Do I have to be local to work with you?

No. We design websites for people around the world. We have customers in US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

Will I be able to update the site myself when it’s finished?

Yes. We develop our websites using wordpress. 17% of all the websites in the world are designed through WordPress. We will create a user friendly dashboard and train you on how to update and manage your website content.

Will you maintain my site for me?

Yes. You can effectively be able to update the website content. However, when it comes to making structural changes, it becomes a bit technical. In that case, we will assist you to make the required changes.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Yes. All the websites that we develop are responsive to all the devices; mobile, tablet and desktop. We ensure that your website is able to flow nicely when viewed in any of the devices.

How many pages will the website have?

We will create some or all of the essential main pages and the product pages. These are pages; Home, About Us, Contact Us, Portfolio, Team, Partners, Blog. We recommend creating a page for each product. However, as an owner, you can decide to add other pages. We will train you on that.

Who writes the content for the site?

Typically, the owner of the website writes the content. However, you can hire the services of our copy writer for an extra fee, to have your content researched and developed. If you already have the content, service of content edition is Free.

Do you design logo?

No. We recommend our customers to have logos. If you do not have one, you can engage a graphic designer to do it for you.

Do you offer web hosting? Where should i host?

Yes. ADEA HOST is our sister company and offer Domain Registrations and Web Hosting services. If you decided to host with us, we will offer you Domain and Hosting for Free for the first year.

Do you offer domain registration?

Yes. Check out at Domain Name Registration

How much does a new website cost?

A new Profile Website costs from USD 250 and an E-Commerce Website costs USD 500

Do you do website redesign?

Yes. If you have a website that you are not happy with, we can redesign it for you. Redesign costs are usually 80% of the above web design costs.

Do you offer website marketing?

Yes. Once we complete designing your website, we will enroll you into our 10 days Online Marketing Course. After the course, you will make the decision if you will hire us to do online marketing on your behalf.

Are your websites secure?

Yes. We install security plugins. We also recommend that you buy an SSL certificate and we will install it on your website for Free.

Will my website be visible worldwide?

Yes. Anyone with a computer or phone and internet connection can be able to view your website once they visit your domain name or web address.

Will my website be visible through a simple google search?

Yes. Your website will be search engine friendly? We will do basic on-page search engine optimization on all the pages that we will have created. The main pages that we focus on are Home, About, Contact Us and the products or services pages.

I am interested. I want a Website. How do i start?

You will start by making and order. You can make the order through the order button above.

When and how do I pay?

You pay while ordering. Usually, we take the full amount upfront. However, you can contact us before ordering and we can arrange for a two installment plan. You can pay through Paypal, Credit and Debit Cards and Mobile Money.

How many revisions do you offer before completing the website?

We offer three revisions. However, in most cases, two revisions are adequate. You can check on the Web Design and Development Process for detailed information.

I have a customer, can you design a website for him and i maintain the credit?

Yes. We will design a website for your customer and we can put your credit at the footer to show that you are the one who designed it.

Our Web Design Service is exception. It is actually an experience. We will take your through the website development and marketing process until when you will be able to operate it without much intervention of a technical person. If you are interested, you can get started.

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